Why is my current username and password not working?

The redesigned KCKC website is a complete replacement of the website and due to differences from the previous version we are not able to bring over any previous data.  Some members may have signed up for accounts on the forums but kckc.ca has never had accounts and due to well designed security we have no way of accessing the forum passwords.
How do a get a username and password for kckc.ca?
  1. Go to kckc.ca/join
  2. Complete the waiver and registration. The new registration form has a spot to set the password.

That’s it!  Now you can login to kckc.ca using the email and password that you entered in the registration form.

What should I do with my old forum username and password?

Keep them!  We are looking at bringing the forums into the kckc.ca site but it may take more time then expected and we may fall back to using the forums again.

Thank you for your patience during this transition and if you have any further question please contact me at kckcwebmaster@gmail.com

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